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Hot Water

There is plenty of choice when it comes to gas water heaters. Whether you need instant hot water for hand washing or filtered boiled water on tap, Aspire Heating is on hand to advise you on the best gas water heater for your needs.

About Gas Water Heaters

Water heaters supply instant hot or boiling water direct from the cold mains supply. Some people use them in the kitchen in place of a kettle and they’re generally used for washing hands or dishes and for drinking water.

At Aspire we install water heaters in Surrey to suit all needs and deal with top brands including Heatrae Sadia, Ariston and Main.

Choosing a Gas Water Heater

We’re here to make sure you choose the ideal gas water heater to suit your requirements, and there is plenty of choice in size, capacity and power. We’ll look at things like water pressure, available space and intended use and then make recommendations. We’ll also advise you on added extras such as programmers, extra taps and filters which we can fit to your water heater either at the point of installation, or at a later date.

Types of Water Heaters

Vented Water Heaters

Also known as point of use water heaters, they usually sit over the sink and are great for delivering hot water on demand to single sinks in kitchens, outbuildings, workshops and the like.

Unvented Water Heaters

These heat water directly from the mains. They offer higher flow rates and good balance of hot and cold water supplies. You can opt for an under sink model, or an over sink water heater depending on space and requirements.

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers deliver a constant flow of filtered drinking water and boiled water too, so can be used instead of a kettle. Ideal for kitchens and home offices.

Want to find out more about installing a hot water heater? We’re here to help. Call 01932 781015 or get in touch online.

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