What Boiler Should I Choose?

If you’re in the market for a new gas boiler then you’re going to need to do a little homework as you will have to make a choice on type and manufacturer.

The most popular gas boilers these days are combination or ‘combi’ boilers. They deliver heat to radiators and hot water on demand and don’t take up nearly as much space as their conventional predecessors.

The Benefits of Combi Boilers

We always recommend combi boilers as they don’t overwhelm a kitchen and can be easily hidden away in a cupboard. You won’t need a bulky cylinder or tank and there is usually little pipework needed, making installation fairly straightforward. Also, if you are a lover of hot water on demand, then combi boilers are the way to go.

If you have more than one bathroom though then you will need to be aware that you may experience a subtle drop in water pressure if there is demand on the gas boiler from, for example, more than one shower or filling bath at any given time. If this is likely to be the case, tell your boiler installation engineer at the point of choosing your boiler and they will recommend a brand that is better at combatting this issue.

Gas Boilers

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right boiler for your needs.

Which Combi Boiler?

So combi boilers are the popular choice, but which one to choose? There is a variety of brands and sizes to select from. You should base the size on the number of rooms in your home and the overall size of the property. You need to choose carefully here as the size will have a direct bearing on your energy costs. Ideally you should seek the advice of a good gas boiler engineer who will do all the working out for you and recommend just the right boiler for your needs.

When it comes to which brand to choose you’re going to need to weigh up the individual benefits offered by each. Get some professional help in doing this if you are not sure from your own research as the pros know the ins and outs of all the different makes and will be able to advise if there are any downsides.

If you’d like some helpful advice on choosing the right gas boiler for your home, give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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