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Heat Your Bathroom with a Trendy Towel Rail!

Heated towel rails are great for drying towels and they can look really stylish too. The great thing is they can also be used to heat a bathroom, providing you choose the right type. As long as you go for a heated towel rail that acts as a radiator itself, rather than one that feeds off a radiator and is designed only to heat towels, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits.

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Boiled Water on Tap – Brilliant!

Turning on a tap to get fresh boiled water seems almost too good to be true, but it’s not, it’s a reality that many homeowners are enjoying today. Could boiled water on tap be a great asset to your kitchen too?

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Gas Radiators: Things of Beauty? They are Now!

Have you ever considered how your radiators look? Do they enhance the décor of your room or are they an eyesore that you’re keen to keep hidden from sight? If you do everything you can to hide your radiators behind the furniture, then maybe it’s time to think about stylish replacements. Check out what’s available and be inspired!

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