Get Ahead and Beat the Winter Boiler Servicing Rush!

As the weather starts to get warmer and the winter clothes are packed away for a few months, it’s easy to forget all about our boilers and central heating systems. But if you’re an organised homeowner, you might like to think about making sure that your gas boiler is in tip-top condition before the onset of the winter rush. 

Home gas-fired boiler. The installation of gas equipment.It may not be top of your priorities list to commission someone to carry out your gas boiler servicing in the summer months, but actually, you can get ahead of the game by instructing a Gas Safe engineer to do just that during the warmer weather. Otherwise you may be left out in the cold!

Make Sure you’re not left out in the Cold this Winter 

It’s always a good idea to carry out gas boiler servicing at least once a year. Many homeowners wait until the annual central heating switch on before doing so – around October/November time – but actually, this could leave you feeling colder than you may think.

Warm homeIf you wait to instruct your engineer to carry out your gas central heating servicing until everyone else is doing so, then you run the risk of either not being seen for some time, or the parts not being available, or – worse – both!

Why not get organised in that case and arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to look at your central heating system now? That way, when everyone else is regretting their decision to wait as they shiver on a cold October evening, you can smugly enjoy the toasty warmth of your home!

Don’t Ignore Problems in Between Servicing 

Another important tip is to keep an eye on your central heating system even when not in use during the summer months. Even if you have booked gas central heating servicing for later on in the year, don’t ignore problems in between and think that you can wait until your service.

Winter Switch On Gas BoilersFor example, if you notice a change in water pressure or temperature, or the water level drops, call out a Gas Safe registered engineer straight away, as all of these symptoms could indicate a problem with your boiler or central heating system.

Here at Aspire Heating, we will always advise that it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you leave what you perceive to be a small problem for some time, it could escalate, and by the time your service comes around, you’ll be facing a big bill.

So be organised this summer and get ahead of the winter. A summer service could be all you need to beat the winter boiler rush. Contact us today for a free quote.

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