Are You a Responsible Landlord when it comes to Landlord Gas Safety Checks?

If you are a landlord, did you know that you have certain responsibilities with regards to the gas appliances in your property? It’s important that you have your gas appliances maintained in order to make sure that they are functioning safely for your tenants, and not giving off any harmful carbon monoxide fumes.

Landlord gas safety checks are part of those responsibilities, and it can be confusing as to what you need to do as a responsible landlord. With that in mind, here are our most frequently asked questions when it comes to landlord gas safety responsibilities:

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What are my Responsibilities with Regards to Gas Safety as a Landlord?

As a landlord, you have three main responsibilities when it comes to gas safety. These are:

  • Maintenance: ensuring that all appliances, pipework and flues are maintained to a safe standard. You must ensure that all work is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Landlord Gas Safety Checks: You must carry out an annual gas safety check on every gas appliance/flue within your property. You will then be supplied with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).
  • Record: You must provide your tenants with a copy of the gas safety certificate (CP12) within 28 days of the checks being carried out, or give new tenants a copy before they move in. 

Which Gas Appliances do I Need to have Checked?

Every gas appliance within the property you’re letting needs to be checked. This includes gas ovens, gas fires, gas boilers and any handheld appliances that use gas.

If your tenant brings their own gas appliance into the property, it is not the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that they are gas safe.

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How Often do I Need the Appliances Checked?

Your CP12 gas safety certificate lasts for 12 months, so you need to ensure that you carry out your landlord gas safety checks yearly. You do not need a new gas safety certificate every time new tenants move in, but you do need to provide them with a copy before their move in.

You will also need a certificate for every property you let.

How do I get a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)?

To carry out your landlord gas safety checks and obtain a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12), you’ll need to employ a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This is an engineer who has been checked to ensure they are competent, safe and qualified to work legally with gas.

Every Gas Safe Registered engineer carries their own ID card showing their unique licence number and the type of work they are qualified to carry out. Make sure that you always ask to see their Gas Safe Registered Card before any works or checks start.

Here at Aspire Heating, all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. Our Gas Safe Registration number is 555209. We’re therefore qualified to carry out any checks and to install new gas appliances if necessary.

What’s more, if you engage one of our Gas Safe engineers, we’ll make sure you have your Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) within a day. Between our flexible appointments to work around your tenants, and our fast turnaround, you’ll be a gas safe landlord before you know it. To book your annual gas safety check, get in touch with Aspire.

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