Three Home Heating ‘Must Haves’ for Home Buyers

Selling your house can be a frustrating process. But according to new research carried out by market comparison website[i], there are certain things that can be done to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Everyone knows about the fresh lick of paint and the smell of baking to entice a sale, but did you know that, according to, various efficient heating aspects rank very highly among house buyers?

It seems that buyers are looking at the practicalities of their new home, and something as simple as keeping on top of gas boiler servicing could be all you need to make a sale. If you’re looking to sell, here are our top three heating system must-haves to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers:

1.     Efficient Central Heating

Efficient central heating ranked as the number one thing that potential home owners looked for when viewing a property. If you’re selling your home, being asked to open up your boiler cupboard for viewers to inspect the boiler may be something you’re familiar with.

If you’re able to show a history of your gas boiler servicing, your buyers will know that the central heating system they’re inheriting will be in top condition. Gas central heating servicing is often simple and straight forward to carry out, and will make sure your home is cosy-warm for anyone looking to purchase it.

Shower room mosaic shower

2.     A Fabulous Shower

Traditionally, baths have been thought of as adding value to a home, but in the latest surveys available, showers have been pipping baths to the post, and are ranking higher as buyer must-haves.

Make sure that you can demonstrate to anyone viewing your property that you have a great shower installed. Remember that if you’re changing your shower, you may need to carry out gas boiler servicing to make sure that your boiler can cope with a more powerful shower, or you may need to change the boiler to support a better shower.

Either way, we recommend consulting your plumber about your boiler’s competence before changing your shower, just to be on the safe side.

3.     An En Suite Bathroom

A surprising number of people said that an en suite bathroom is a must have nowadays when looking to move. OK, so it’s probably not something that you’d willingly install just to make a sale, but if you’re thinking long term and are adding an extension or loft conversion to your home at any point, consider including a second bathroom.

Just as when adding a new shower, if you add an en suite to your home, make sure that your boiler is up to powering a whole new bathroom. By undertaking gas boiler servicing, you’ll know whether you need a new boiler in order to make your new bathroom a warm and welcoming place to retreat to.

Carrying out boiler and gas central heating servicing may not be the most immediate thought in any seller’s mind, but it will allow you to add these little extras which rate so highly with potential buyers. Annual servicing is recommended to keep your home at its best, as well as to make it more appealing to those looking to buy it!

[i] Fast broadband and energy efficiency are the new ‘home essentials’,, 11th March 2014: , last viewed 10th April 2014.

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