Time for the Great Winter Switch On – Home Heating Tips for Winter

Winter Switch On Gas BoilersAs the dark nights draw in, it looks like the cold weather is about to take hold for another winter season. This is the time of year when you’ll be relying heavily on your home heating to keep you warm and cosy. You certainly don’t want to be left in the cold, especially during every heating engineer’s busiest time of the year.

So follow these helpful tips to make sure you’re all up and running and ready to face those frosts head on!

Our main piece of advice is to turn your heating on NOW before you need it and check it’s all in working order. It’s been off quite a while, and the pump can seize up, especially if your boiler is situated outside. Get any problems rectified now before it gets really cold and you’ll know you’re all ready for the onset of winter.

Two more things you can do before it gets really cold are make sure your water tank is well lagged, and cover any outside taps to prevent the pipes freezing.

The Most Common Central Heating & Boiler Problems– and How to Fix Them

There are many things that can stop a heating system or gas boiler working properly. The good news is that some of them can be rectified with a little regular maintenance at home, and by taking a few simple steps, so you won’t need to pay out for gas central heating or gas boiler repairs.

Here are some of the most common issues we come across with central heating and gas boilers, and our tips on how to avoid or rectify them:

  • Cold spots or radiators that don’t heat up. The problem could be trapped air in the system. This can be fixed by bleeding the radiators regularly.
  • If this does not work then there could be a sediment build up in the system that’s blocking the passage of the hot water. We would recommend getting a professional in to do some power flushing to fix this.
  • No heating or hot water. There are many reasons why this could happen, but before you assume the boiler has broken down, check the thermostat, the timer settings and pressure on the boiler. All these things could stop the system working but are easy to fix yourself.
  • Noisy pipes. This is often caused by a leak somewhere in the system. This can be easy to diagnose but more difficult to fix and is best left to an expert. It’s a simple job so don’t be afraid to call in a professional.

Regular Gas Boiler Servicing Saves Money in the Long Run

Probably the most important task for keeping heating and hot water working efficiently is regular gas boiler servicing. Boilers work hard during the winter so an annual service, usually when the weather is warmer in case there are any repairs to be made, is important. Aspire Heating offers an annual boiler and radiator servicing to help spot any problems and deal with them before they become too serious.

Time to Call in the Gas Boiler Experts?

If all else fails and your boiler is not working then call Aspire Heating. We offer an emergency gas central heating repair service designed to get heating and hot water back to full working order as quickly as possible. It’s affordable and reliable and we’re Gas Safe Registered.

For more information about keeping your central heating running smoothly or about annual gas boiler servicing call Aspire today on 01932 781015 or email enquiries@aspiregas.co.uk.

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